A tech news blog that talks about the FCC, Cybersecurity, and freedom during the Trump Administration.
Every week I dive into tech news and investigate new stories and how it will impact the future as we know it.

  • AT&T is in hot water over Internet speeds in poverty stricken areas. - Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been taking taxpayer money and subsidies to upgrade their networks. Most of these networks are only somewhat increasing their network capacity. But in the United States, two-thirds of homes lack access to more that one ISP with a speed of 25 Megabits per second (Mbps).  To take out competition ISPs […]
  • The Fight for Net Neutrality is at hand… - This week the Federal Communications Commission announced that its proposal to repeal net neutrality will “Restore Internet Freedom for all Americans”. They obviously want to remove the reclassification of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under Title II to make the Federal Trade Commission regulate the ISPs.  Chairman Ajit Pai thinks that the ISPs can regulate themselves […]
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ready to repeal Net Neutrality - Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, is working on the job to reverse the Title II reclassification of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). His first strike at trying to reverse the Title II and ISP regulations passed by the former chairman Tom Wheeler and under the Obama Administration is the online privacy regulations that a […]
  • VPN searches are increasing as Congress repealed Obama-era Protections - As Congress has put into place the repealing of the Consumer protections from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) rules that the FCC put in to protect the consumer from ISPs selling their information without consent. Google searches for Virtual Private Network providers have “skyrocketed” and it seems like the general public is concerned for there own privacy. […]
  • PRIVACY IS UNDER ATTACK! Senate votes to take down privacy rules against ISPs - The Senate voted on Thursday to pass a joint resolution to block the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) on enforcing rules that would protect the American consumer against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling consumer information without the consent of the consumer.  These rules were made under the Obama Administration and with Former FCC Chairman Tom […]
  • Federal Communications Commission shoots down privacy rules - On October 2016, a set of privacy rules on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was passed and set to be enacted on March 2nd,2017. But as the day was coming near, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under the new chairman Ajit Pai suspended the new privacy rules. The rules were to protect consumers data from being […]
  • YouTube TV Announced - YouTube TV Announced.
  • AT&T testing new drone network delivery systems. - AT&T
  • FCC Chairman Pai and FM Radio in Smartphones - FCC Chairman Pai talks about the small chips inside your phone that can receive FM Radio.



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