VPN searches are increasing as Congress repealed Obama-era Protections

As Congress has put into place the repealing of the Consumer protections from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) rules that the FCC put in to protect the consumer from ISPs selling their information without consent. Google searches for Virtual Private Network providers have “skyrocketed” and it seems like the general public is concerned for there own privacy.

In case you do not know, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is connection that is secured by encryption by a plethora of  different protocols. It makes your connection encrypted and so people who are snooping around for your data on a open or closed network get data that is scrambled and not useful.


The search frequency for VPN from April 2012 to March 2017.

Because of the scare that the people of the United States that there own privacy can be sold to the highest bidder without their own consent, the people are trying to protect their privacy by encrypting their own traffic so the ISPs can not sell their data. Through this data I can see that the public did not want this bill to be passed. Next time we vote we should look at the record and the conscience of the people who are representing us. This is a war on our privacy, that we do not want to have but we will anyway. Lastly, find a solid VPN choice and protect yourselves against the ISPs from snooping your data.


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