Federal Communications Commission shoots down privacy rules

On October 2016, a set of privacy rules on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was passed and set to be enacted on March 2nd,2017. But as the day was coming near, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under the new chairman Ajit Pai suspended the new privacy rules.

The rules were to protect consumers data from being sold to third parties without the consumers knowledge. Another part of the privacy rules is that is also requires ISPs to implement “reasonable measures” to protect against cyber threats.Without these rules the ISPs can use our data for commercial purposes and profile us.

The FCC argues that ensuring privacy on the Internet should be done in a different way with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). “We still believe that jurisdiction over broadband providers’ privacy and data security practices should be returned to the FTC, the nation’s expert agency with respect to these important subjects. All actors in the online space should be subject to the same rules, enforced by the same agency. ”

This still stands to reason how the consumer’s privacy can be protected  and if the FCC is for the consumer or the industry.

FCC Press Release

FCC’s statement on a unified policy framework.


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