AT&T testing new drone network delivery systems.

With AT&T, they make COWs fly. Not those cows, but a new technology called a flying cell-on-wings (COW). They are drones that are a truly mobile cell phone tower when there is none or when disaster strikes. This is not the first time the company has used drones according to AT&T’s website they have used drones in the past to inspect cell sites and measure network strength in sports stadiums. The COWs are made to beam LTE coverage to customers in the air.

The COW works by having a small cell and antennas and connected to the ground by a fiber tether that gives power and data to the drone so that it can be up there for a long time. The COWs signal then goes to satellites to transport network utilities to the AT&T network.  Pilots are always monitoring the drone to make sure everything is working flawlessly. AT&T says that “the flying COW can operate in extremely remote areas where wired or wireless infrastructure is not immediately available.” The COW can potentially fly over 300 feet in the air, which is “about 500% higher than a traditional cell-on-wheels mast.

The future seems to be in the air for new technology that can impact our world. As drones become more cost effective, I can see drones doing more and more new things in the way of innovation. New technology is making things that would have seemed like science fiction into becoming reality.




AT&T’s Blog Post



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